Another love

There are a few things you can never change, you can only adapt and embrace each moment that you have. Perhaps, nothing is stationary on this big giant ball, everything tends to change and end. I feel the word ‘ephemeral’ can suffice for the situation pretty well.  Relations, people, time and every possible thing is transitory or existing only briefly.

In 2013. my niece was 3 when she left India for her new life in Dubai along with her parents. I always thought she would be too young to remember us. A whole new country, new life and new ways of living would probably influence her enough to forget us all. I imagined it as footsteps on wet sand on a sea shore, being washed away with little friendly waves.

Months passed and they paid visits to India quite frequently. She was different every time, a few things changed but some remained the same, especially her memory. She didn’t forget any of us. For myself, the fondest memory of her as a small child was her playing on the terrace all day long.



While playing random games, hiding, running and peek-a-booing with her, there was one thing that itched in me all the time: “Would it be the same next time? Maybe she will outgrow us!” After hours of contemplating life, the future, the past and everything else, I came to the realization that it is no good overthinking. This is the moment – embrace it.

She is a good 6 year old now and can easily take anything under control. You can make up things to your boss in the office about why you won’t be able to make it to it today but you can’t really deny anything to her and that includes lots of playing on the terrace no matter what.

I hope one day, when she is big enough, she will look at these and feel happy for this, I guess that would complete my purpose in a way or other.

I wish her all the happiness in life, to the beautiful soul Aarna.


19 thoughts on “Another love

  1. That’s a beautiful post, Devu. The photographs are as always stunning.
    It’s true that everything is transitory in nature. But that is what makes every moment, every incident and every relationship so beautiful. If it wasn’t transitory, would we ever appreciate its worth?

    Your niece is growing up and things would change, but it’s all for the good. You can make new memories and reminisce about the old ones. 🙂


  2. Your niece will be definitely in tears when she’ll read it 20 years from now.
    This is emotionally rewarding! 🙂


  3. We are all on the way from somewhere to somewhere, you captured this so beautifully, I hope you’ll preserve your sense for wonders. A visual language of your own you have found already!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “Everything is transitory” but u have captured even the temporary, so beautifully for permanent. Love the monochrome! It connects well to the memories & past. Liked it this tym as well. (Y) ❤


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